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Here’s Why Millions of Customers Choose ADT

More than 6 million customers, each with a unique set of needs, turn to ADT for electronic security. ADT has the resources, expertise and versatility to serve them all —and you.

Get a tailor-made security solution

ADT offers every customer an initial consultation with a security expert, free of charge. After assessing your needs, the expert will recommend the monitoring package that best fits your situation.

With the option to upgrade at any time, it’s easy to further customize your ADT service.

You’ll get an ADT alarm system that offers added protection against threats like:

  • Burglary: ADT uses sophisticated motion sensors to detect intruders.
  • Fire: Smoke/heat detectors monitor your home for the telltale signs.
  • Carbon monoxide: Special sensors sound the alarm if poisonous, odorless CO gas builds to dangerous levels.

Your ADT monitoring package also connects you to a 24-hour electronic monitoring network. If you have an emergency at your home, ADT dispatchers stand ready to provide rapid response.

ADT delivers the deterrent effect

As an ADT customer, your first line of defense against break-ins is provided by your ADT yard sign and window decals. Research proves that burglars are less likely to target homes protected by security systems and alarm monitoring.

If an intruder does decide to test your security system, he’ll face entryway sensors that guard doors and windows plus an interior motion detector. Triggering any of these devices activates a high-decibel alarm and alerts the ADT monitoring network.

Your yard sign and window decals send the message. Your sensors stand ready to sound the alarm. The combination is enough to make even a veteran burglar have second thoughts.

Earning the trust of a diverse clientele

Most of ADT’s customers are homeowners like you. At the same time, the company also serves a variety of high-profile clients.

The White House, Fort Knox and the Pentagon use ADT electronic monitoring. ADT also helps secure many of the nation’s largest airports as well as every federal courthouse in the country.

Fortune 500 corporations also turn to ADT — 90 percent of them, in fact — as do half of America’s top national and regional bank holding companies.

From the highest levels of government to the upper echelon of big business, some of the country’s most recognizable institutions trust ADT. Let ADT earn your trust today.

ADT is America's #1 home security monitoring company!

Protect your home and family with an ADT-monitored alarm system.

Trust ADT to monitor your Home Security Systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With eight interconnected monitoring centers throughout the United States, ADT is the leading provider of monitoring services.  Please look for the latest ADT Specials in your area.