Why Purchase a Home Security System?

Every year, burglaries and natural disasters devastate homes throughout the U.S. This reality can be a sobering reminder to homeowners who find themselves overwhelmed just trying to raise a family or maintain a career. However, being proactive can save you a lot of grief in the long run. By purchasing a home security system, you can better ensure the safety of your home, family and property.

It is a homeowners duty to identify and pursue measures that will protect their home from easy access crimes. Some unsecured properties are so vulnerable to burglary that criminals need no force to enter the home. But while measures like always locking doors should become ingrained habits, protecting your home with an appropriate security system is the closest you'll get to a fully secure property.

Who Should Consider a Monitoring Service?

Burglaries happen most often when we're away from home. Intruders watch the patterns of people in certain neighborhoods before attempting a break-in. If you regularly leave your home unattended because you work outside your home or travel frequently, you're an easier target than you think. Additional factors such as your age, your sex or whether you live alone can also make you more vulnerable to a home invasion. Motion sensors, cameras or even security service flags are enough to make a would-be intruder think twice about targeting an empty home.

See the Reasons Why

  • 60.5% of burglaries involved forcible entry
  • Residential burglaries account for 73.9% of all burglary offenses
  • 38.1% of residential burglaries occur during the day when people are most likely to be away from home.
  • In the U.S., there's one burglary every 14.6 seconds.
  • From 2001 to 2010, the number of burglaries increased by 2%.
  • In 2010, burglaries accounted for $4.6 billion in lost property.

Reviews and Comparison Chart

Our approach to reviewing home security system companies involves investigating every major security company’s products, packages, reputation, and results. We take this information and evaluate each company using a 5-star system. Our aim is to provide you with authoritative profiles of every major home security system provider in the industry. You can learn more about the methodology behind our scoring here.

The provider comparison chart presents all of the core information on each provider, allowing you to do a complete side-by-side review of your options. This is an excellent way to identify each security system company’s specific products and expertise.


Buyer’s Guide

These guides are the definitive introduction to buying home security systems. Intended for first time and experienced home security shoppers alike, our guides clearly explain what it takes to select your first system with confidence. As of 2012, the average loss from burglary was $2,230; making the effort to purchase the right system could save you thousands.



Our comprehensive collection of resources let you dig into the finer points of home security systems. Whether it’s an investigation into new home security technologies or a guide to the measures you should take in order to defend your home against specific hazards, our security experts provide you with detailed analysis and advice. Our level of scrutiny is unparalleled among online providers of home security systems information.

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